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Bill of Materials


Sell Price: $148,000
  Fire (Bill of Material)      
Part # Item supplier List Price  
  Coupe (Base Car Cost)     $8,450.00
  Base Car plus freight Julian's $7,200.00  
  Media Blasting Astro Blast $1,250.00  
  Labor and paint materials     $75,500.00
  Includes inspection, disassembly, Design, Engineering, Bodywork, Paint and Assembly      
  Labor (estimate to complete) 1400 Man-hours @ $50 / Hour Julian's $70,000.00  
  Paint materials (estimate to complete) Julian's $5,500.00  
  Chassis, Body panels     $4,237.10
02228-1 Cowl Vent Repair kit NPD $14.95  
  QUARTER PANEL REPAIR, Lower Rear      
  1” flange on top edge. 19 ga., Canadian made      
100-2RH 65-66 13.5” high x 26” long, RH NPD $24.75  
100-2LH 65-66 13.5” high x 26” long, LH NPD $24.75  
  16005/6 FENDER, Front      
16005-1 65-66 RH, OE Ford tooling, 21ga   $324.95  
16006-1 65-66 LH, OE Ford tooling, 21ga   $324.95  
  011135 FLOOR PAN, Full      
  Complete pan in one solid stamping as the original pan      
  was. All are Truck Freight.      
011135-1A 66-68 Cpe/fsbk, modify for convt, repro, US made-thicker      
  metal, correct for 67-68, TF NPD $659.95  
51868-1A ROLL BAR Julian's $675.00  
  FENDER FLARES Julian's $920.00  
  114 TORQUE BOX, Front      
  14 gauge steel. Can. made HD version. 3 sided.      
114-1RH 65-68 Conv, HD version, RH NPD $46.95  
114-1LH 65-68 Conv, HD version, LH NPD $46.95  
  010672/3 SEAT PLATFORM      
132-2 65-70 Conv, one piece, repro, OS NPD $96.95  
  112-212 ROCKER PANEL, Complete Inner      
  Original radius. Seat belt nut welded in. 14 ga. Can.      
112-1RH 65-68 Conv, 75” long, RH, OS NPD $48.95  
112-1LH Conv, 75” long, LH, OS NPD $48.95  
  MISC STEEL STRUCT TUBE Julian's $375.00  
  Cowl Trim Panels LH&RH Julian's $330.00  
  Engine Bay Items     $1,048.05
16A052-1A EXPORT BRACE (BLACK) NPD $39.95  
13216 1964-68 Billet Accelerator Pedal Assembly Mustangs Plus $148.95  
13204 1965-93 Accelerator/Throttle Cable, Hi-Tech Mustangs Plus $47.95  
13219 1964-68 Billet Brake Pedal Pad with Rubber (Automatic) Mustangs Plus $49.95  
  16740 SEAL, Hood to Cowl      
16740-1A 65-66 W/clips pre-installed, US repro..  NPD $4.95  
  16A670 RETAINER KIT, Cowl Seal End      
16A670-1A 65-66 Includes 2 retainers & 4 screws   NPD $6.95  
  16758/63 HOOD BUMPERS      
16763-1K 65-70 Adjustable bumper w/U-nut and jam nut, 1 1/8”dia., (1) NPD $3.00  
16758-1K 65-66 On fender, (4-a) NPD $2.50  
  8A080 OVERFLOW TANK, Radiator      
8A080-1A 65-73 15”, 10.5” mounting. Custom polished stainless steel. NPD $44.95  
  Griffin Aluminum HP-series Radiators      
8005-10B 65-66 For 5.0l conv’n, T-RH, B-LH NPD $579.95  
  6038 INSULATOR, Motor Mount      
  Polyurethane. Built for strength and durability.      
6038-7P 66-68 (from 11/1/65), 289, pair NPD $118.95  
Engine New Ford Boss 302     $19,813.85
M-6010-BOSS302 CYLINDER BLOCK Ford (FRPP) $1,759.00  
M-6003-A50 ENGINE GASKET SET Ford (FRPP)  $95.00  
M-6268-B302 STEEL TIMING CHAIN SET Ford (FRPP)  $74.95  
M-6269-A351 CAMSHAFT THRUST PLATE Ford (FRPP)  $39.95  
M-6316-C351 28 OZ DAMPER Ford (FRPP)  $274.95  
M-6600-D2 HIGH VOL OIL PUMP Ford (FRPP)  $55.95  
M-6605-B302 OIL PUMP DRIVE SHAFT Ford (FRPP)  $16.95  
M-6731-FL1A OIL FILTER Ford (FRPP)  $15.00  
M-6710-A50 OIL PAN GASKET Ford (FRPP)  $18.95  
M-6687-A302 WINDAGE TRAY Ford (FRPP)  $64.95  
M-12270-A302 DISTRIBUTOR HOLD DOWN Ford (FRPP)  $7.95  
M-6052-B HIGH TEMP HOSE KIT Ford (FRPP)  $105.95  
M-9448-B302 HEADER GASKET Ford (FRPP)  $8.95  
M-9432-A51 STAGE "8" LOCKING HEADER BOLT KIT Ford (FRPP)  $63.00  
M-12259-M301 SPARK PLUG WIRE SET Ford (FRPP)  $48.95  
M-6049-Z304P "Z" CYLINDER HEAD (CNC PORTED) Ford (FRPP) $1,200.00  
M-6527-C311 ROCKER STUD Ford (FRPP) $59.00  
M-6500-R302  LIFTERS Ford (FRPP) $135.00  
M-6582-R302 VALVE COVERS (new style Boss 302 covers) Ford (FRPP) $365.00  
M-6766-B302 BREATHER CAP Ford (FRPP) $21.95  
M-6892-F GROMMET SET Ford (FRPP) $3.50  
   F1 blower and intercooler package Procharger $4,000.00  
  Custom pulley setup with AC, Alt, PS Concept One $1,795.00  
M-12071-A50 EFI WIRING HARNESS Ford (FRPP) $650.00  
M-12071-K302 SENSOR RELAY PACKAGE Ford (FRPP) $89.95  
  Distributor, crack trigger, control box, etc MSD $3,500.00  
  Door Components     $2,623.11
  22204/5 FRAME ASSY, Vent Window      
  Replace your pitted or scratched originals, beautiful      
  chrome, quality die castings.      
22204-1A 65-66 Pair NPD $299.95  
  110 DOOR SKIN, Lower Repair      
  Approx. 7” tall, 1/2” flange on top edge, wraps around      
  front, back & lower edges. 19 ga., Canadian made      
110-1RH 65-66 RH, OS NPD $34.95  
110-1LH LH, OS NPD $34.95  
  218A13 REINFORCEMENT, Door Latch Plate      
  Used to reinforce the weak door striker area when      
  metal around screws is weakened or broken.      
218A13-1A 65-66 Pair, HD style NPD $20.95  
  22916/7 HANDLE, Door Vent Window      
22916-7-1A 65-66 Repro, pair NPD $19.95  
  22914 BRACKET, Vent Window Handle      
22914-1A 65-66 RH NPD $13.95  
22915-1A 65-66 LH  NPD $13.95  
  20272 SEAL, Door to Body Sill      
20272-1A 69-70 Attaches to bottom of door to reduce wind & road noise.      
  Screws included NPD $25.90  
  20530/1 WEATHERSTRIP, Door Front      
  Our US made reproductions are simply the finest on      
  the market! One important feature: One piece construction.      
  Many companies offer glued on ends which aside      
  from being incorrect are prone to separation. Fasteners      
  included. All repros are concourse approved!      
20530-1A 65-66 Repro, pair NPD $15.95  
  20586/9 MOUNTING KIT, Door W/Strip      
20586-1K 65-66 Nylon end plugs, (4) NPD $1.00  
  20588/9 SEAL, Door Window Rear Upper      
  Duplicates originals. With metal inserts.      
20588-9-1 65-66 Pair NPD $7.95  
  20589 MOUNTING KIT, Door Window Rear      
  Upper Seal      
20589-1K 65-68 Screws, (12) NPD $2.50  
  21448/9 WEATHERSTRIP, Vent Window      
  Division Bar      
21448-1A  65-66 RH, repro NPD $16.95  
21449-1A 65-66 LH, repro NPD $16.95  
  21450 WEATHERSTRIP,      
  Vent Window Division Bar      
21450-1K 65-66 2 correct steel reinforced w/strips plus 8 attaching rivets NPD $9.95  
  21774 SEAL, Vent Frame to Door Window      
21774-1 65-66 W/metal inserts and rivets, pr NPD $6.95  
  21455 WEATHERSTRIP KIT, Inner & Outer      
  at Belt      
  Prevent rattles, window scratches and scrapes by      
  installing our reproduction window weatherstrip kit. Each      
  piece in the kit is custom tailored to fit a specific window      
  position. Ft & rr kits are 8 pcs, Ft only are 4 pcs. Concourse      
  approved! Lifetime mfgr warranty!      
21455-1B 65-66 Cpe, Conv, ft & rr, chrome bead   NPD $64.95  
  21508 MATERIAL KIT, Rear Door Glass      
21508-1A 65-66 Fuzzy material to replace worn out moleskin, both      
  sides, self-adhesive NPD $17.50  
  21546/7 RUN, Front Door Glass      
21546-7-1A 67-68 Repro, pair NPD $25.95  
  23030 BUMPER, Door      
23030-1K 65-68 4 pc kit NPD $1.75  
  28182/3 SEAL, Quarter Latch Pillar      
  Correct reproductions, with steel reinforcements.      
28182-3-1 65-66 Cpe/conv, pair NPD $8.95  
  28182/3 MOUNTING KIT, Qtr Pillar Seal      
20589-1K 65-68 (12) NPD $2.50  
  30146/7 WEATHERSTRIP, Quarter Window, Vertical      
30146-7-1A 65-68 Cpe, pair, correct repros w/steel inserts NPD $10.95  
  51222/3 WEATHERSTRIP, Roof Side Rail      
  Our US made reproductions are simply the finest on      
  the market! One important feature: One piece construction.      
  Many companies offer glued-on ends which, aside      
  from being incorrect are prone to separation. Fasteners      
  included. All repros are concourse approved!      
51222-1B 65-66 Cpe, pair, repro NPD $19.95  
  21458/9 WINDOW ASSY      
21458-2B1 67-68 Coupe, clear, RH, includes glass, lower channel and      
  molding, OS NPD $249.95  
21459-2B1 67-68 Coupe, clear, LH, includes glass, lower channel and      
  molding, OS NPD $249.95  
  These custom made kits use a motor driven regulator      
  similar to an original setup. Kits do both sides. Switch      
  kits must be ordered separately. Made by a QS9000 OE      
  supplier. UPS oversize.      
23208-1A 65-66 Front NPD $334.95  
30380-1A 65-68 Rear NPD $334.95  
  21812/3 LATCH ASSEMBLY, Front Door      
21812-1A 65-66 RH, repro NPD $58.95  
21813-1A 65-66 LH, repro NPD $58.95  
  22050 MATCHED LOCK SET, Ignition & Two Doors      
22050-1A 65-66 W/NOS pony keys NPD $34.95  
  Shelby Bullet Mirror Assembly, Outside      
  Long base (4.25” mounting hole spacing) req’s no      
  drilling for most cars.      
17696-5D 65-67 Convex mirror, repro NPD $199.90  
  21813 MOUNTING KIT, Door Latch      
21813-1K 65-73 Screws, (3) NPD $3.00  
  22008 STRIKER PLATE      
22008-1A 65-66 Each, inc’s shim, and screws, date coded “1-65” NPD $25.00  
  22811 REPAIR KIT, Door Hinge      
22810-1K 65-66 Super kit does one door! Inc’s 2 hinge pins, 4      
  bushings, check arm, arm pin and instructions NPD $31.90  
  Door Panels      
PD-56-A 1965-66 Dlx /pair NPD $158.95  
  Black (PD-56-A); 65 Red (PD-5-B); 66 Dk Red (PD-6-B);      
  Palomino (PD-5-D); White (PD-56-E); Parchment (PD-6-J)      
  23943 MOUNTING KIT, Door Panel      
23943-2AK 65-66 Dlx interior, (32) NPD $10.00  
  24142 PULL CUP, Deluxe Door Panel      
PC-56-1A 65-66 Black, each NPD $15.00  
  240A10 BRACE, Deluxe Pull Cup to Door      
240A10-1A 65-66 Steel, correct contour, 2 req’d NPD $9.00  
  21850 KNOB, Door Lock      
21850-2 65-66 Chromed plastic, original, pair  NPD $4.95  
  21999 GROMMET, Door Lock Knob      
21999-4A 71 Deluxe, stainless, repro, pair  NPD $4.95  
  22600/1 HANDLE, Inside Door      
22600-2A 65-66 Dlx int., RH, best repro  NPD $23.95  
22601-2A 65-66 Dlx int., LH, best repro NPD $23.95  
  22620 ESCUTCHEON, Pony Door Handle      
22620-1A 65-66 Die cast zinc, chrome plated, pair NPD $9.95  
  13713 SWITCH, Door Jamb Courtesy Lamp      
13713-1 65-67 2 req’d, 67 w/o tilt only, OE look  NPD $11.88  
  13786 LAMP, Door Courtesy      
  Perfect reproduction-concourse quality.      
13786-1A 65-66 Deluxe interior NPD $69.88  
  13790 GASKET, Door Courtesy Lamp      
13790-1A 65-66 Pair NPD $2.95  
  Windshield and Rear Glass     $763.80
  03100 WINDSHIELD GLASS, Tinted      
03100-2 65-68 Original Ford w/white “Carlite” script logo on glass NPD $449.95  
  03110 WEATHERSTRIP, Windshield      
03110-1B 65-68 US repro, concourse approved, 2 yr warranty NPD $21.95  
  42006 BACKLIGHT GLASS, Rear Window      
42006-1A 65-68 Coupe, clear, repro, OS NPD $274.95  
  42084 WEATHERSTRIP, Back Glass      
  Buy our US made reproduction back glass weatherstripping      
  for peace of mind. Limited 2 year replacement      
  warranty*! All repros are concourse approved!      
42084-2B 65-68 Cpe, repro NPD $16.95  
  Interior Components     $10,080.18
  14401 WIRING ASSY, Main Dash      
14401-2A 66 NPD $429.95  
  3512 GROMMET, Steering Column to Dash      
3512-1 65-68 Base of steering column to firewall insulation on      
  inside of car NPD $7.95  
  17A475 SEAL, Wiper Pivot Shaft to Cowl      
17A475-1B 65-70 Rubber replacement, pair NPD $1.99  
  30702 BUMPER KIT, Ashtray Rubber      
30702-1K 65-66 Dash mounted, pair NPD $1.25  
  MOUNTING KIT, Seat Belt, Concourse      
61212-1AK 65-66 Coupe, fsbk, front seats, (12) NPD $24.00  
  01610 FIREWALL PAD KIT      
01610-1A 65-66 Inc’s clips NPD $44.95  
01610-1B 65-68 Modify for 67-68 as req’d NPD $130.95  
  10852 BEZEL, Dash Control Knob      
10852-1A 65-66 W/”Wiper” lettering NPD $7.95  
  17C443 SPACER, Wiper Switch      
17C443-1 65-66 Behind dash NPD $5.95  
  17513 KNOB, Wiper Switch      
17513-1A 65-66 Knob, great reproduction NPD $5.95  
  17A553 SWITCH ASSY, Windshield Wiper/Washer      
17A553-3 65-66 (b4 12/19/65), 2 speed wipers, repro NPD $62.95  
  10A885 SPACER, Ignition Switch      
10A885-1 65-66 Behind dash NPD $5.95  
  11572 SWITCH, Ignition      
11572-2 65-66 NPD $19.95  
  11582 CYLINDER & KEY, Ignition Switch      
11582-1 65-66 NPD $8.50  
  11584 BEZEL, Ignition Switch      
11584-1A 65-66 W/”Acc-off-on” lettering, repro with better chrome than original NPD $8.50  
  10852 BEZEL, Dash Control Knob      
10852-1B 65-66 W/”Lights” lettering NPD $7.99  
  11654 SWITCH, Headlamp      
11654-6A 66 Replacement style NPD $14.95  
  11661 KNOB/SHAFT, Headlamp Switch      
11661-1 65-66 Repro NPD $9.95  
  Pinch-on Windlace      
  Push our colored windlace onto the body      
  weld and it grips to hold tight. Available      
  in: Black (A), White (E), Parchment (J),      
  Red (B), Maroon (BB), Lt. Blue (C), Dk.      
  Blue (CC), Ivy Gold (F), Aqua (K), Lt.      
  Green (X). Sold by the foot.      
WL-J (Parchment) Only 0.75/foot. Order number # WL-_ NPD $15.00  
  Conv requires approx 9’, Coupe/Fsbk requires approx.      
  17’. Specify color code in parenthesis at end of part      
  number & length when ordering.      
  These kits represent the latest in our line of concourse      
  correct hardware kits that are in large demand. The kits      
  contain fasteners that are exact duplicates of the originals.      
  Many original screws called for chrome plating over      
  stainless steel and these have been faithfully reproduced      
  as were all the other contents. If you want the most accurate      
  kits for your restoration-this is it!      
03000-2BK 65-66 Cpe, dlx int, (225) NPD $85.00  
  Original Grain Headliners      
HC-58-DD (Saddle) 65-70 Coupe MOONSKIN GRAIN TIER GRAIN NPD $28.95  
  Black HC-50-A      
  Red HC-50-B      
  Maroon HC-50-BB      
  Lt Blue HC-50-C      
  Med blue HC-50-CC      
  Dk Blue HC-50-CCC      
  Parchment HC-50-D      
  Off-White HC-50-E      
  Ivy Gold HC-50-F      
  Nugget Gold* HC-50-FF      
  Aqua HC-50-K      
  Dk Aqua HC-50-KK      
  Dk Green HC-50-Y      
  Saddle HC-58-DD      
  *Nugget Gold is not correct to original color.      
  51915/513A40 INSULATION, Headliner      
51915-1A  65-70 Coupe, 2 pc, roof panel NPD $16.95  
513A40-1A 65-70 Coupe, pair, sail panel (B pillar) NPD $8.95  
  1965-68 Carpet      
  100% Nylon (Style is correct for ‘65-68, 100% nylon is      
  correct for ‘68 but perfectly useable on ‘65-67’s)      
  Black (51), 65 Red (56), 66-68 Maroon (57), Dk Brown      
  (52), Med Blue (53), 65-68 Dk. Blue (62), Lt Saddle (54),      
  Moss Green (55), Ivy Gold (58), Aqua (59), Dk Green      
  (60), 66 Emberglow (61)      
CA-58-76-52 (Dk Brown) Convertible NPD $107.95  
  SCUFF PLATE, Door Sill      
  Trims off carpet to rocker panel      
013208-3 65-68 Conv, original, each NPD $79.90  
P-2 68-73 Correct style, Blue, each NPD $3.00  
  Kick Panels      
Kick Panel 66-Vert-A 65-66 Black (A), White (E), 65 Med Blue (C), 65 Red (B), 65 NPD $24.95  
  Palomino (D), Ivy Gold (F), Parchment (J), 66 Lt Blue      
  (C), 66 Dk Red (B), Aqua (K)      
M-19017-A961 GOLD INSTRUMENT CLUSTER Ford (FRPP) $265.00  
M-17360-A961 GOLD TACH Ford (FRPP) $99.95  
  13787 LAMP ASSY, Console Rear      
13787-1A 65-66 Inc’s lens, bulb and pigtail NPD $44.95  
  Custom interior estimate (Dash, Door panels, Seats, Rear Surround, Trunk) Riggs Brothers $4,000.00  
  Audio Components (DVD,CD,AM/FM,Nav,Head Unit - Component front and rear speakers - Sub Woofers - Amps - Misc hardware   $3,000.00  
   Seats Cobra $1,500.00  
  Exterior Components (trunk and rear end)     $2,079.50
  380369 BUMPER, Rear License Plate      
380369-S 65-68 Rear license plate, pair NPD $0.95  
  43625 PAD, Trunk Lock Cylinder      
43625-1 65-67 (b4 10/24/66), repro NPD $1.25  
  45028 ANTI-RATTLE PAD, Trunk Tensioner Rod, Rubber      
45028-1A 65-68 Each NPD $1.95  
  43505 CYLINDER & KEYS, Trunk      
43505-2A 65-66 Repro, w/pony keys NPD $44.95  
  423A42 TRIM GUARD, Taillight Panel      
423A42-3A 65-66 & 71-73 Trims area surrounding twist-on gas caps,      
  repro of an original accessory....  NPD $19.95  
  011229 TRUNK FILLER, To Quarter Panel      
011229-1 65-66 Fiberboard, LH NPD $9.90  
  45728 DIVIDER BOARD, Seat to Trunk      
  STEEL, for improved safety, also required for racing,      
  inc’s screws:      
45728-1S 65-68 Coupe, OS NPD $40.95  
  FUEL CELL, Fuel Safe      
  PROCELL-Increased safety, FIA FT3 appv’d, 10yr warranty      
9002-2H 65-70 22 gallon fuel bladder   $1,624.95  
  Sportsman and Procell tanks have front pick up, installed      
  sender and standard fill as shown in photo above.      
  Fuel cells are not eligible towards free shipping, add      
  $25.00 for shipping.      
  14405 WIRING ASSY, Taillight      
  Runs from fuse box area under LH sill to rear body      
  lights, fuel sender and pillar lights as required.      
14405-1E 66 Cpe/Conv NPD $92.95  
  Back-up Lights      
15510-1 65-66 Seal, lens to housing, pair  NPD $1.25  
15511-1A 65-66 Housing assy, RH, repro  NPD $19.95  
15512-1A 65-66 Housing assy, LH, repro  NPD $19.95  
13207-1K 65-66 Housing nuts, (4) NPD $1.20  
15514-1A 65-66 Lens, concourse, “FoMoCo” logo  NPD $7.00  
15514-1K 65-66 Lens screws, stainless, (4)  NPD $1.20  
15533-1A 65-66 Seal, housing to body, black repro, pair NPD $2.50  
359972-SK 65-66 Cup washer set, to valance, (4) NPD $6.50  
U-L1142 65-66 Bulb, dual contact NPD $1.10  
13420-1 65-66 Seals, housing to body, pair NPD $1.50  
13434-1A 65-66 Taillight housing, exact repro of original using      
  removable extension wire assy (13A408) not included NPD $39.90  
13434-1K 65-66 Housing nuts, (4) NPD $6.00  
13434-1AK 65-66 Hsg to body mtg kit, concourse, (8) NPD $6.00  
13450-2PC 65-66 Lens, heat resistant poly-carbonite, required for      
  multi-light or sequential conversions NPD $13.90  
13461-1 65-66 Seal, lens to housing, pair NPD $1.50  
13480-3 65-66 Stop light switch, w/alternator NPD $9.95  
13489-2A 65-66 Bezel, repro w/correct fit! NPD $33.00  
13489-2AK 65-66 Bezel screws, concourse chrome plated stainless steel, (8) NPD $3.00  
13A547-1A 65-66 Spacers, hsg to body, (8) NPD $4.95  
  13560 LAMP ASSY, License      
13560-1A 65-66 Near exact repro, inc’s bulb NPD $29.95  
  Bumpers 1965-66      
17A750-1A Bracket, rear bumper, repro NPD $19.90  
17758-1K Bumper bolt kit, 30 pcs NPD $11.50  
  Exterior Components (hood and grill)     $718.85
8200-1A 65 Grille, repro, exc. GT, OS NPD $89.95  
8200-1K 64 Grille screw kit, (16) NPD $3.50  
M-7843-V8 V8 BADGE Ford (FRPP) $9.95  
  Hood Scoop      
16C630-3A 69-70 Boss 429 style, bolt-on, OS NPD $159.95  
  Hardware kit      
  Headlight extension. Doors, rings, buckets,      
13032-1AK adjusters for both sides, (28) NPD $21.50  
  14290 WIRING ASSY, Headlamp Feed      
  Main engine compartment harness has connections for      
  w/shield washer, voltage regulator, parking light, headlight,      
  fog lamps, horns and solenoid as req’d.      
14290-2A 66 All NPD $94.95  
  13007 TRI-BAR HALOGEN, Headlight Bulb      
  All glass with chrome Tri-bar design. Highly polished      
  interior surface teamed with special halogen H4 bulbs      
  produce a bright, clear and wide beam pattern. Lights on      
  or off-the look is totally custom! H4 bulbs included      
13007-4A 65-73 7” bulbs, pair NPD $168.95  
  Parking Lights      
13206-1A 65-66 Housing assy., RH, repro  NPD $19.95  
13207-1A 65-66 Housing assy., LH, repro  NPD $19.95  
13207-1K 65-68 Park light housing nuts, (4) NPD $1.20  
13208-1A 65-66 Lens, amber, “FoMoCo” logo, concourse correct, repro, each NPD $9.90  
13208-1K 65-68 Lens screws, stainless, (4) NPD $1.20  
13211-1A 65-66 Lens gaskets, pair NPD $0.75  
13217-1A 65-66 Seal, hsg to body, pair, repro NPD $3.50  
13220-1A 65-66 Retainer, to valance, RH, repro NPD $4.25  
13221-1A 65-66 Retainer, to valance, LH, repro NPD $4.25  
U-L1157 65-66 Bulb, park light NPD $0.50  
  13832/3 HORN ASSEMBLY      
13832-1 65-73 High pitch, replacement NPD $14.95  
13833-1 65-73 Low pitch, replacement NPD $14.95  
  13833 MOUNTING KIT, Horn      
13833-1K 65-68 Bolts and nuts, (4) NPD $2.00  
  17514 BEZEL SET, Wiper Arm Pivot      
17514-1A 65 2 bezels and 2 nuts NPD $14.95  
  17526/7 ARM, Wiper      
17526-2B 66-70 As above, best repro NPD $29.90  
17528-01A 65-68 Trico 15”, each, near perfect, missing only “Trico”      
  logo on arm to be correct NPD $27.90  
Trans       $8,318.80
  AOD-E / 4R70W Bowler Transmissions $4,565.00  
  Overdrive Gear Vendors $3,500.00  
M-6375-G302 FLEX PLATE (28 OZ, 164 TOOTH) Ford (FRPP) $64.95  
M-4216-A300 FLEX PLATE BOLT KIT Ford (FRPP) $8.95  
M-7095-SR TRANS COOLER KIT Ford (FRPP) $49.95  
  The latest in “Restomod” modifications. All the benefits      
  of an automatic trans plus increased performance and      
  economy due to improved gear ratios. Driveshaft must      
  be shortened. Due to the AOD’s size you will need to redo      
  your exhaust system.      
6A023-13A 65-66 Crossmember, AOD NPD $129.95