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"...Ask Bob! He knows everything!"
                                ...Matt Schoemann

Bobco Inc. is the home site of Robert "Bob" Julian Jr.  The site is intended to showcase his talents and abilities and make them available to the general public.

PLEASE NOTE:  Bob's time is limited, and he cannot accept every contract or commission that comes his way.  But if you are lucky enough to work with Bob, the results will always far exceed your expectations.

Bob is a very "eclectic" person.  His passions range from art to engineering to automobiles to horticulture to music to etc... 

Bob was an art and music major in college with a strong background in architectural design as well as mechanical engineering.  Along with that comes a practical working knowledge covering machining, carpentry, welding, wood working as well as other industrial arts. 

His professional career has been centered around industrial engineering where he has designed products from membrane switches to large industrial wastewater treatment equipment, systems and installations. 

His personal endeavors have ranged from furniture design and construction to architectural design and homebuilding to painting, drawing, gardening, numismatics, automotive design and fabrication, music, film, vintage amplifier design, repair and construction, etc...

All of these interests come from a strong desire to design, build and create.  Bob's nature is to be inquisitive as well as meticulous in all his endeavors, striving to achieve the best in everything he does.

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So, take your time and browse the site to get a feel for Bob's overall capabilities.  You can contact Bobco via e-mail at  You will receive Bob's personal contact info If Bob accepts your contract or commission.

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Please contact Bob in regard to any of the products and services listed on this site via the information listed below.

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